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Build a better career. 

Build a better life.

Find your home in Ottawa’s
homebuilding industry.

Home Building Is Where Careers Are Building Today

Simply put, there has never been a better time than right now to start a fulfilling career in the home building and home renovation industry in Ottawa.

Homeowner demand for skilled trades is high; home builders, home renovation and construction companies are hiring; job openings are plentiful, and so are the opportunities for learning and growth.

Whether you are starting or considering changing your career, right now is the perfect time to choose a career in home building.

Build Homes,
Build Yourself A Bright Future.

Plenty of Jobs Now and
for Years to Come

COVID-19 disrupted many careers, including retail, travel, tourism, hospitality, personal services and many more. As an essential industry, home construction has been able to continue throughout the pandemic. Workers have had work, and companies have been hiring. Through retirements and population growth, thousands of jobs are available now and for years to come.

Earn Good Money and
Live A Good Life

In recent years, the wages of home construction workers have grown faster than many other types of jobs in many different industries. Education also costs less to establish a career which means instead of paying down student debt; you could be investing in yourself, your home and maybe a few toys sooner.

Women Are A Growing Force

Today, one in five skilled trade workers are women, up over 1000% from just a few years ago.

Steady Work All Year Round

Careers in the home building trades are amongst the most stable of any industry with residential construction projects always happening.

Career Choices Are Plentiful

It takes more than 30 different types of trades to build a typical new home. You’ll be surprised by the variety of career options available.